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Brand new at this

This is my first attempt ever at a blog.... so please have patience with me. Appreciate any comments on how I can improve the blog..... but more importantly how I can help spread awareness of the assistance available to those in need within our community. Thank you in advance for your patience as I learn how to do this. Will probably need to get my 8 year old grandson to help me with this!


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steve b
steve b
06 de jan.

Some BIG events coming up in January and February at Tabernacle UMC

January 13th Atlantic Cape Community College will discuss their course offerings. Great opportunity for parents and High School students to see what lower cost / close to home educational opportunities are available!

February 17th 2nd annual Community Resource Day. Last year 46 organizations participated.... this year 66 organizations are planning to attend and we are out of room. If you need help this is a great place to see what is available to provide assistance. Once stop shopping for those in need, as well as a GREAT networking opportunity for like organizations to get to know each other and discuss possible collaborations and sharing of best practices.


steve b
steve b
12 de dez. de 2023

The purpose of this blog is to increase awareness for all of the great organizations in Cape May County focused on supporting those in our community who are in need of assistance. These groups and the staff and volunteers deserve the communities support. Please keep me apprised of events and happenings so I can widen the reach these notifications receive and also make me aware of organizations that are not yet on my list. Thanks Steve

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